2 years ago

she was my bestfriend

she was my bestfriend

hey guys. i went throught ethan's phone today and i was reading his messages and it was really hurtful when i read his messages with my bestfriend

she told him that she liked my crush

that was very hurtful of her to say because i told her i really liked him and i thought she was there for me

each time i trust people they always give a reason why people cant be trusted

i couldnt reply to the question what is wrong with you becaause i felt ashamed to say it

and i couldnt look at her the same anymore

it felt really awkward just looking at her

number one lesson i learnt DONT TRUST ANYBODY. if you have a secret to tell you have to keep it in




ugh!!! at least i know who my friends are now


2 years ago


hey. my name is kareema bakare. im 14 years old. a lot of people might really not care about all of this but im new here so i dont know what to do. i think i should write about my own personal experiences. im beginning a journey to a new me and i have decided to blog about it. No hate